BDF Tutorials: Network based stress testing

When: 14:00-16:00 Tuesday 10 January 2017

Where: Room 406,  Andreasstrasse 15, Building AND, 8050 Zurich

Introduction to financial contagion (1/2 h) [BDF2017_Presentation]

  1. Connectedness in Finance
  2. Systemic Risk
  3. Liquidity, solvency, and distress contagion
  4. Mechanisms of interbank contagion
    1. Ex-post clearing and partial exogenous recovery
    2. Ex-post clearing and full endogenous recovery
    3. Ex-post clearing and partial endogenous recovery
    4. Ex-ante local uncertainty and no endogenous recovery
    5. Ex-ante local uncertainty and endogenous recovery
  5. Perspectives

Exercises (1 h)  [BDF2017_Exercises]

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